1. Dezember 2011


Since I finished 'Inheritance' yesterday I took another sample copy with me today. It's 'Der Märchenerzähler' (The Storyteller) by Antonia Michaelis. So far I really like it. The protagonist is a girl who is describing herself as 'living in a bubble'. The life around her evolves really fast and all she can do is watching as she is not able to keep up with all the people around her. This describes pretty much how I'm feeling right now.. Couldn't be more perfect.

Well.. my flatmate wrote me an e-mail this morning that she's not coming yet. She'll come back on the weekend, when I have no time at all. On Saturday I'm working until 6 pm. On Sunday I have to work on my part time job... I really don't know what to think if her.. I'm kind of scared how life will evolve here once she's back.

Yesterday in class I listened to Mrs. B. talking to Ms. Perfect.
It was about how she once weighed in at 85 kg. Now I want to talk to her but I don't know how to start a conversation about this kind of theme. I'm halfthrough the journey she already went through. And she did it the healthy way. I've never had somebody to talk to who went through the same.

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