17. Dezember 2011

Books & Chocolate

So this week has finally come to an end. Today was hard. I don't know how many people came into the store but... Well, I was about 7 hours at the checkout. At some point I was not able to talk anymore because of repeating the same phrases all over again. 'Would you like a bag', 'Does anything need to be wrapped', 'Here's your change'.... At 5 pm me and three of my colleagues were finally finished. We have those vests at work with the logo of our company at the back. We lined up and walked back to the break room singing 'Hey Zwerge, hey Zwerge, hey Zwerge, ho!' until we reached the door. When we closed the door behind us we couldn't stop laughing. It was an awesome end of the work day.

Dear readers, I warmly recommend this book to you. Sadly it has not been translated into English yet. But at least my German readers should read it. It's an awesome story about a Larp group, it includes a curse and well described characters. I won't tell more. Just read it.
It seems there are a lot promising German writers like her and Isabel Abedi lately. I think it's awesome, because translated books just lack something most of the time.

This is the other book I've read this week. Just finished it during my break today.
It's so heartwarming and lovely. It's about a girl who has always cared for herself, because her mother was on drugs most of the time. When her mother dies she needs to live with her uncle who seems strange at first but the two develop a strong family relationship. Some parts of the book are told by a cat living in the garden of the house. Those parts make it even more unique. I loved it. (The original is called 'Wild Things')

Now on to something completely different.

Milka vs. Oreo.

Dear readers... don't buy it. You won't be able to stop until the package is empty. ♥

I need to change my eating habits again. I've been lacking lately. Don't like it.
Only one week until I'm going to go home for 4 days. I can't wait for it. One week until Christmas.

A lovely 3rd Advent everyone! ♥


  1. the chocolate must be so good! ♥
    the books also seem interesting. unfortunately i've forgot anything i learned in the german lessons (v_v) maybe i'll try the wild things.

    i like the way you write, you seem so calm

  2. danke für das kompliment aber die bilder in meinem jahresrückblick sind gar nicht chronologisch geordnet^^ sind alle durcheinander XD
    aber ich hab mich trotzdem sehr verändert, das stimmt schon^^

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    anna, if you're interested, please take this tag and answer the questions! (^^)

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    if you want/have time you can check out my blog too!
    I would be very happy!!