30. Dezember 2011

The Big Bang.

So... two days ago I was called into the office of my boss. He told me that I have to change stores, because they 'lost' their actual trainee and they are way bigger. I was shocked. I love my team, I love the small store. I have to get along with every thing and every one all over again. Meeting new people is always a bit of a difficulty for me. But I will overcome this. Everything is going to be fine.

Now on to some pics. Mostly taken with my phone.

Starting heading home on Christmas Eve. The weather was wonderful.

Inside the train with my beloved Vanilla Rooibos.

Me on Christmas. Lately I'm thinking of cutting my hair like I put them on the second picture. But I don't know if I will be feeling fine with short hair.

So on the 27th I went back here with my parents. We went to Cologne on the same day. It was awefully full. Didn't like it at all. Two days ago we went to 'Nido', a Pizzeria at MG. It was really awesome. The pizza tasted exactly as in Italy. Loved it. ♥
Yesterday we went to Düsseldorf. I fell in love with a coat in Bonita. Normally Bonita is just some kind of 'older lady' fashion store and I only went in there because of my mum. I want this coat, but it's still awefully expensive. Gotta wait.

Cologne Cathedral at night. I think is so much more impressive than in daylight.

By the way.. I got this awesome tea. Rooibos mixed with Christmas flavours. I need to find some more of it to buy! Other than the tea I go sweets (honey wafers... omg), mouse-shaped bookends, a ticket for a show of Bülent Ceylan (German comedian), an awesome vest and lots of money.

I'm going to spend tomorrow with my parents here in my flat, doing Raclette.
Since I don't know when I'm going to find some time to write another entry.

☆Happy New Year!! 
I wish everyone who stops by here an awesome new year with a lot of success, happiness and health.

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  1. i think shorter hair would look good on you too! (^^)
    the cologne cathedral looks so awesome...