30. Dezember 2011

The Big Bang.

So... two days ago I was called into the office of my boss. He told me that I have to change stores, because they 'lost' their actual trainee and they are way bigger. I was shocked. I love my team, I love the small store. I have to get along with every thing and every one all over again. Meeting new people is always a bit of a difficulty for me. But I will overcome this. Everything is going to be fine.

Now on to some pics. Mostly taken with my phone.

Starting heading home on Christmas Eve. The weather was wonderful.

Inside the train with my beloved Vanilla Rooibos.

Me on Christmas. Lately I'm thinking of cutting my hair like I put them on the second picture. But I don't know if I will be feeling fine with short hair.

So on the 27th I went back here with my parents. We went to Cologne on the same day. It was awefully full. Didn't like it at all. Two days ago we went to 'Nido', a Pizzeria at MG. It was really awesome. The pizza tasted exactly as in Italy. Loved it. ♥
Yesterday we went to Düsseldorf. I fell in love with a coat in Bonita. Normally Bonita is just some kind of 'older lady' fashion store and I only went in there because of my mum. I want this coat, but it's still awefully expensive. Gotta wait.

Cologne Cathedral at night. I think is so much more impressive than in daylight.

By the way.. I got this awesome tea. Rooibos mixed with Christmas flavours. I need to find some more of it to buy! Other than the tea I go sweets (honey wafers... omg), mouse-shaped bookends, a ticket for a show of Bülent Ceylan (German comedian), an awesome vest and lots of money.

I'm going to spend tomorrow with my parents here in my flat, doing Raclette.
Since I don't know when I'm going to find some time to write another entry.

☆Happy New Year!! 
I wish everyone who stops by here an awesome new year with a lot of success, happiness and health.

25. Dezember 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you!
I hope you are having a wonderful time with your family and friends.
I'm posting this from my phone, because I didn't take my laptop home with me. I hope the pictures will show up and they will give you a tiny impression of how I spent Christmas Eve.
We went to church after having dinner, singing some Christmas songs and giving our presents to each other.
I'm going to make another post once I'm back in MG.

21. Dezember 2011

About me

I can't believe I already have 6 readers! Thank you so much!

So.. I'm dead tired.
There are still 2 days of work left until I can go home finally. Two days on which I have to work until 7 p.m. I have to survive those two days. I will. But it's going to be hard. I guess I will go to sleep once I've finished this post.

This was my dinner. Of course I'm only dining with a book on my side. ;)

And I have been tagged by lovely r o s a !♥

The rules

:sprout: Write 11 (random) things about yourself on your blog
:sprout: Answer the questions the tagger set for you and create 11 new questions for the people you tag
:sprout: Choose the next 11 people to tag and link them on the post
:sprout: Go to their page and tell them you have linked him or her
:sprout: No tag backs
:sprout: You must post these rules

11 random things about me

① I love tea. Rooibos tea in all kinds of flavour. My favourite is vanilla though. (Especially the one from Starbucks!)
② I'm on Weight Watchers. And right now I'm lacking badly. I'm going to find my way back though.
③ I'm getting cardiac arrhythmias whenever I drink beverages containing coffein or teein.
④ I change into band shirts and sweatpants as soon as I'm at home.
⑤ I'm kind of obsessed with weather. I love extremes. Like storms, heavy snow, heavy rain..
⑥ When I have no time (aka now.) my room envolves into a living chaos.
⑦ I once had a bad relationship with my parents. But now they are the most important people in my life.
⑧ I want a boyfriend. Or friends in general. I'm not good at making friends. I hope I can change this somehow.
⑨ Sometimes I think I talk too much about myself when having conversations. I hate this part of me.
⑩ I went to Japan twice. And loved it twice.
⑪ I check random guys at the train / bus and give points to them. 1 - very ugly, 10 - why u no be my boyfriend??.

The 11 Questions Tag

1. If you could spend one year in any country in the world, where would you go? (Don't think about the money!)
--Maybe I would still choose Japan after all.
But maybe I would like to go to Canada, Finland, Sweden or Irland...

2. If you could decide, what time would your school/work begin and end?
--Hm... I think I would like it, if it started at 11 a.m. and ended at 5 p.m.
Right now it starts at 9.30 a.m. and ends at 7 p.m.

3. When you were a child, what was your dream job? What about now?
--I can't exactly remember what my dream job was when I was a child. But when I was around 14 I wanted to become a radio host.
Right now I'm doing exactly what I want: Being an apprentice to be a bookseller.

4. Do you still buy CDs?
--Yes. Definitely. I support 'my' bands whenever I can.

5. When are you proud of yourself?
--Lately I'm not really proud of myself.
I'm proud if I manage not to eat too much. And if I did great at work. (Well this happens more often.;))

6. If you'd have to eat the same food every day for one month, what would you eat?
--Pasta. (With vegetable sauce most likely.)

7. Do you usually remember your dreams when you wake up? How are they like?
--Lately they are all really intense. So I actually remember all of them. Sometimes I wish I wouldn't remember.

8. What color would you like your skin to be?
--Definitely a bit darker. I have really bright skin. It's difficult to find fitting foundations.

9. If you knew you only had one week left to live, how would you spend the last 7 days?
--With my family. Cooking. Playing games. Going for walks in the woods.
I also would like to go to an event. Including MoNoLith, lynch., TRIGGAH, Glamorous Honey and ダウナー.

10. Where do you feel the safest?
--With my family.

11. How much does music mean to you?
--It once meant more to me. I don't know what happened.
It still means a lot to me though.

My 11 questions

1. To how many countries have you been?
2. What's your most hated subject you had/have at school?
3. Tea or coffee, and why?
4. Have you ever been fully satisfied in your life?
5. How is your relationship with your parents?
6. Any pets?
7. Do you like to cook yourself or do you prefer eating somewhere else?
8. What was the biggest dissapointment in your life.
9. Favourite book?
10. How many hours do you sleep at night?
11. Snow or sun, and why?

Haha, I don't know who to tag though. So.. I'm just saying: If you want to do it. Do it! :D But please comment here and let me know, so I can get to know you better! ♥

17. Dezember 2011

Books & Chocolate

So this week has finally come to an end. Today was hard. I don't know how many people came into the store but... Well, I was about 7 hours at the checkout. At some point I was not able to talk anymore because of repeating the same phrases all over again. 'Would you like a bag', 'Does anything need to be wrapped', 'Here's your change'.... At 5 pm me and three of my colleagues were finally finished. We have those vests at work with the logo of our company at the back. We lined up and walked back to the break room singing 'Hey Zwerge, hey Zwerge, hey Zwerge, ho!' until we reached the door. When we closed the door behind us we couldn't stop laughing. It was an awesome end of the work day.

Dear readers, I warmly recommend this book to you. Sadly it has not been translated into English yet. But at least my German readers should read it. It's an awesome story about a Larp group, it includes a curse and well described characters. I won't tell more. Just read it.
It seems there are a lot promising German writers like her and Isabel Abedi lately. I think it's awesome, because translated books just lack something most of the time.

This is the other book I've read this week. Just finished it during my break today.
It's so heartwarming and lovely. It's about a girl who has always cared for herself, because her mother was on drugs most of the time. When her mother dies she needs to live with her uncle who seems strange at first but the two develop a strong family relationship. Some parts of the book are told by a cat living in the garden of the house. Those parts make it even more unique. I loved it. (The original is called 'Wild Things')

Now on to something completely different.

Milka vs. Oreo.

Dear readers... don't buy it. You won't be able to stop until the package is empty. ♥

I need to change my eating habits again. I've been lacking lately. Don't like it.
Only one week until I'm going to go home for 4 days. I can't wait for it. One week until Christmas.

A lovely 3rd Advent everyone! ♥

11. Dezember 2011


I've stolen this from Shou who has an awesome blog! I really liked this idea.




Pizza Margeritha, bread (with anything), Udon, Teriyaki Tofu.


Hot chocolate, Hugo, roibos tea, water.


MoNoLith - LOST CHILD, lynch. - ambivalent ideal, MBLAQ - Stay, SHINee - Replay (jap.)


Christmas. And don't forget the most important.

Things to do

Sleeping, reading, cooking, tumbling.


Chihuahua, maine coon cats, rabbits, guinea pigs.

Book Genre

Lovely manga, old stories and books, fantasy, urban fatansy.

All pictures (except the christmas tree one) are not mine.

Presents, Books & Life

Yesterday I finally bought Christmas presents for my family. Of course I bought them at work.. We have so many cute things.. Plus I'm given a special discount. I got two super cute handwarmers for my mum, the book 'Der Hundertjährige, der aus dem Fenster stieg und verschwand' for my dad (special recommendation by my coworkers), 'Inheritance' for my brother and 'Plötzlich Shakespeare' and a snowman snowglobe for my granny. I got something 'special' for my ex-best friend as well. Not writing it down here though, because she reads the blog. I gift-wrapped it all in our cutest wrapping paper. That's the first time I got all of the presents this early.
I even got something for myself. The second book of 'Nightshade'. Sadly the second book of 'Meridian' hasn't arrived yet. I wanted to buy 'Saeculum' as well but D. is going to give me her sample copy she has got at home first. Now I have two sample copies left to read before I can start 'Nightshade'. The one I'm currently reading is going to be released in February so I can't talk about that one. The other one is 'Small blue Thing'. I got a moose shaped cookie cutter as well. I want to make cookies soon!

A few days ago I had a nervous breakdown while phoning with my mum. It was all over again about the good old theme 'how to make friends'. The problem is that I really want to make friends here, but how to get to know new friends when you don't have 'old' friends to go somewhere to make new friends? There are even two really nice girls I already know, who are both living around Düsseldorf, but I'm scared they'll turn me down once I ask them if we could meet up at some time. (Same with that one girl living in Düsseldorf who has an awesome blog and same interests as I have). I'd love to go to the Christmas market, shopping, eating somewhere.. But not alone. /end of whine.

That's my flatmate's dog Harry by the way. I'm glad I managed to take a picture of him since most of the time he's running around.. That's why I wasn't able to take a picture of Rana (the cat) yet. She's black as well and a beautiful old lady.

7. Dezember 2011


This is all over the town right now. It's actually a campaign against smoking but it could mean living or weight loss or whatever else as well. I really like this poster. Over the last few days I always ate too much at work because at our break room there's always a lot of free stuff to eat.. Even more though because now it's christmas (cookie) time. It's our boss' birthday today so we even had cake. His kids helped decorating it. It came out so cute. And it was really delish.

At the moment I'm reading 'Die Rebellion der Maddie Freeman' (engl. title 'Awaken'). It's awesome everyone, especially those who sit in front of their PC everyday, should read it. It's a great story with strong characters.

Can't wait for the second book although I haven't even finished the first one.

Lately I'm so much into After School!!
They are a Korean girl group and they are gorgeous! I love their slower songs like 'Shampoo' and 'Play Ur Love' as well.