11. Dezember 2011

Presents, Books & Life

Yesterday I finally bought Christmas presents for my family. Of course I bought them at work.. We have so many cute things.. Plus I'm given a special discount. I got two super cute handwarmers for my mum, the book 'Der Hundertjährige, der aus dem Fenster stieg und verschwand' for my dad (special recommendation by my coworkers), 'Inheritance' for my brother and 'Plötzlich Shakespeare' and a snowman snowglobe for my granny. I got something 'special' for my ex-best friend as well. Not writing it down here though, because she reads the blog. I gift-wrapped it all in our cutest wrapping paper. That's the first time I got all of the presents this early.
I even got something for myself. The second book of 'Nightshade'. Sadly the second book of 'Meridian' hasn't arrived yet. I wanted to buy 'Saeculum' as well but D. is going to give me her sample copy she has got at home first. Now I have two sample copies left to read before I can start 'Nightshade'. The one I'm currently reading is going to be released in February so I can't talk about that one. The other one is 'Small blue Thing'. I got a moose shaped cookie cutter as well. I want to make cookies soon!

A few days ago I had a nervous breakdown while phoning with my mum. It was all over again about the good old theme 'how to make friends'. The problem is that I really want to make friends here, but how to get to know new friends when you don't have 'old' friends to go somewhere to make new friends? There are even two really nice girls I already know, who are both living around Düsseldorf, but I'm scared they'll turn me down once I ask them if we could meet up at some time. (Same with that one girl living in Düsseldorf who has an awesome blog and same interests as I have). I'd love to go to the Christmas market, shopping, eating somewhere.. But not alone. /end of whine.

That's my flatmate's dog Harry by the way. I'm glad I managed to take a picture of him since most of the time he's running around.. That's why I wasn't able to take a picture of Rana (the cat) yet. She's black as well and a beautiful old lady.

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