5. Dezember 2011


May I present: My favourite breakfast of all time.

4 tablespoons oatmeal
125 ml lowfat natural yoghurt
some drops sweetener
some drops vanilla flavour
1 banana
1 teaspoon sugar mixed with cinnamon

Yesterday was crazy.
The internet was only working for about 10 minutes until it broke down and didn't come back all day long. I have a part time job additional to my apprenticeship which I can do on the internet. Means: I wasn't able to work yesterday = no money. At least I still had my phone to check mails and the like. Then around afternoon the tube of my dishwasher decided to die on me. Means: the whole kitchen was flooded. My landlord is going to fix it tomorrow. But still. What the heck?
At least the technician for my ACTUAL internet showed up this morning and fixed the internet I should have since two weeks. Until now it seems to work fine. So starting from tomorrow I need to work five days in a row. And my flatmate seems to arrive... tomorrow. Well let's wait and see. I'm not sure if she will show up actually.

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