30. November 2011

Eragon & Life

I'm half through Inheritance's awesomeness.
And now it finally starts to get really exciting!!
I liked the slow movements that were made until now as well but now I want some real action and the story to go on. I'm going to make some lowfat maccaroni & cheese now, clean the flat and then read until I need to go to sleep!

Aside from reading, working and thinking about how to get through the next months without a financial catastrophe I'm not doing much. I wish I had friends to go shopping in Düsseldorf or to visit one of the Christmas markets. But I won't have a lot of time either. I won't have a free Saturday until Christmas is over. At least I won't have to go to vocational school either. So I don't have to study until late night.

Tomorrow my flatmate will come back finally. I've only met her for five minutes about four weeks ago. So tomorrow will be kind of special. We want to cook something together. I might post pictures about that if it turns out well. Other than that she's going to bring her dog Harry with her. I hope I'll be able to get along with the dog.. He's a herding dog x something hybrid..

28. November 2011

Actually I didn't want to make another post today.

It just ringed at the door. I was totally startled because I wasn't expecting anything....

A box full of decoration and presents. From my mum.

An Advent calendar and Christmas stocking filled with my favourite WW candybars.

Lots and lots of decoration.

They are going to be added to my Christmas tree soon!

Finally the kitchen is now decorated, too. My flatmate is going to return around Wednesday, I hope she will like it.

Blue sky

The weather today is magnificent. Yesterday it was all rainy and stormy, today it's just clear and cold. This kind of weather always manages to put me into a good mood.
Even my cold is better today. I drank a lot of honey-sage tea yesterday and constantly took the Schüssler salts 4 & 8. It seems like it helped.

Monday always is my free day. So I took it slow.. woke up around 8 and then watched the two missing episodes (8&9) of season three of the Vampire Diaries. Now it seems to be on a break until January 5.

Thanks to r o s a for the first comment on this blog!
I'm trying my best to update at least two times a week.

27. November 2011

Advent decoration

Today is the first Advent so I finally decorated my 'Christmas tree'. Normally I don't like to have a Christmas tree before Christmas but the decoration was just too cute to wait until Christmas. Even more though because I won't be at my flat for Christmas.

Close up.
Everyting is from IKEA. ♥

The lights were a free gift from Yves Rocher. My mum gave them to me.

Happy first Advent everybody! ♥

First Post

I'm still trying to find out if I want to add numbers to each post or not.

Anyways, I don't expect any readers by now. I hope there will be some.. sooner or later. This is my second official blog on blogger. The other one contains romanized lyrics by Japanese bands. I've had some blogs here already though but they were mostly restricted to friends in rl. Which leads me to the next topic. Friends. I hope I can make some due to this blog.

I've left my usual surroundings and now I'm here in NRW, Germany without friends which makes life pretty hard. The only friend I had at home decided to get herself another best friend.. so yeah. Enough whining.

What is going to be contained in this blog?
Lots and lots of bad English, rambling about my 'life', new fashion/make-up gets, book reviews, maybe recipes/reviews of food I cooked/ate and anything else that happens to happen.

Why 砂の粒子 (suna no ryūshi)?
It's Japanese and means grain of sand. And that's how I feel at the moment.
There are too many grains of sand.. a single one is not being noticed by anyone.
Maybe I'm going to change the title to a more 'happy' one.. At some time.

I'm going to try to update this blog frequently. :)