30. November 2011

Eragon & Life

I'm half through Inheritance's awesomeness.
And now it finally starts to get really exciting!!
I liked the slow movements that were made until now as well but now I want some real action and the story to go on. I'm going to make some lowfat maccaroni & cheese now, clean the flat and then read until I need to go to sleep!

Aside from reading, working and thinking about how to get through the next months without a financial catastrophe I'm not doing much. I wish I had friends to go shopping in Düsseldorf or to visit one of the Christmas markets. But I won't have a lot of time either. I won't have a free Saturday until Christmas is over. At least I won't have to go to vocational school either. So I don't have to study until late night.

Tomorrow my flatmate will come back finally. I've only met her for five minutes about four weeks ago. So tomorrow will be kind of special. We want to cook something together. I might post pictures about that if it turns out well. Other than that she's going to bring her dog Harry with her. I hope I'll be able to get along with the dog.. He's a herding dog x something hybrid..

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