7. Februar 2012


My bank account got hacked.
I'm not the only one around here though. It seems that they somehow got the data from shops which have a big customer frequency. (Aldi, Lidl, Norma, Real, Hornbach)

I've lost around 200 € and my card had to be blocked. I'm going to get the money back though. I reported it to the police, as I was told by the bank guy. /sigh

I'm so glad it wasn't because I was not careful enough on the internet. I really thought that was the case.

At least this keeps my thoughts away from other things.

Tomorrow I'm writing an exam though.
Gotta learn now.

2. Februar 2012


A new entry finally!!!

I made a new last.fm. It was about time. I didn't just want to delete my data. In fact I just wanted a new name and a new start. I'm dozingSTARZ now. The name is related to lynch.. It's going to contain so much more K-Pop than the old one... Those bands are just too addicting.. /sigh I can't stop listening to BIGBANG's HANDS UP lately.

Two days ago it snowed a bit. But right now it's just freaking cold (-10°C) and sunny every day. I like this kind of weather as long as I don't have to go outside.

School is so much fun lately. Of course we have strange teachers as well. But most of them are really kind. Our class is going to be seperated in two weeks. Almost everyone I get along with is in the new class. (Sadly not everyone.) After school I went to buy Mockingjay and Erebos. Finally. I enjoyed Mockingjay but the first book is still the best. Can't say anything about Erebos yet. But it's already exciting.. as every book by Ursula Poznanski is. I lately read Fünf and it was one of the best books I've ever read. And there was another new book that kind of blew me away. It's called Zirkel (Cirkeln in the original which is swedish.).

My flatmate's cat really seems to enjoy my bed lately........ :3

Two new gets from H&M. I have to say I started my weight loss journey with success on monday again. I've already lost one kg. Instead of doing it online I decided to write it down in a 'real' journal. I use it as diary as well. And so far this works pretty fine for me.

Just mad this tortilla pizza. It's an awesome idea. Sadly I had no veggies left. Next time I'm going to add tons of veggies on top as well. And real gratin cheese and not the kind I used this time. You simply use one tortilla wrap as base. It's a really quick meal. And weight loss friendly as well.

1. Februar 2012

Berry's 111 Leser Giveaway

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