30. März 2012


Urgh. Just 'upgraded' to the googlefied new design, since it's coming in April for everyone anyways.

So yeah. Since monday I'm eating vegan. It's not a big change in my eating habits though, since I've been a vegetarian for quite some time now. I've been reading 'Eating Animals' by Jonathan Safran Foer while I went to Mönchengladbach by train. If I hadn't been a vegetarian already I would have been one after reading this book.

One of my awesome meals during this week. Tofu and onions with soysauce and sesame. (I need a good camera... D:)

At first I've planned to eat vegan for a week to test how it would work out. But I think I will be keeping this up. I'm already noticing that my skin is better than before. And it's absolutely no problem to do Weight Watchers while eating vegan. ♥

17. März 2012


Haha, I actually have things to post lately... Wow!

I went to Düsseldorf on my own today. I simply was in the right mood to style myself and walk around for a bit. While I was waiting for the bus to come, our sexy postman (lol) walked by and didn't greet the old ladies standing around there as well... but he did greet me. With the brightest smile and a long long look at my direction.

Today's outfit. Actually really simple.
Shoes: Deichmann
Leggins: H&M
Shorts: Esprit
Shirt: New Yorker
Cardigan: Gina Tricot

I finally cut my fringe again. It was about time.

So I went to Immermannstreet at first (as always), looked through the Japanese shops and bought an onigiri with seaweed/soysauce and a package of udon. Then I went to H&M and got those shoes.

After that I visited Annika at Mayersche. I'm glad I got to know her. We always sit next to each other at school. She's awesome to get along with. At first I wanted to have a coffee at World Café, then I wanted to go to TenTen but then I went into the new Bubble Tea store 'Sphere'. I really liked it there.


My Bubble Tea.. and one of the onigiri I bought at the other shop. I actually just placed it there for the photo.. I ate it at home. When I was just walking down the stairs to leave 재미없어 by BIGBANG started playing. This just made it PERFECT. I'm definitely coming back.

Tamago/soysauce onigiri! ♥ (Urgh.. I need to fix my nails.)

We finally got our tickets for the 1. FCK soccer game in Leverkusen. I'm going there with my cousin. She's a huge fan of 1. FCK and in mid April she'll come here and stay one week at my flat. I'm really looking forward to having her around here.

16. März 2012

It's been a while...

I haven't been writing a new entry for such a long time. I was barely existing... Yeah.. but now I'm fine again I guess. Thanks to that one special band that just dropped into my life.......

Yes. BIGBANG is what I'm talking about. I guess I'm too old to be in love with a boy band.. but they are special. Thanks to them I was even able to start my weight loss again. Don't ask why though. Hm.. so I went to customs today to pick my package(s) up. One was from Kpopmart (BIGBANG's Alive [T.O.P version], which has the most insane packaging I've ever seen!! B.A.P's Warrior and the BIGBANG bandana). The other one was the present CD from Kohaku (jap. indies band). Yes a gift at customs. Well done. They put a origami crane into the package as well! So cute! You can see it on the picture as well.)

Once I'm finished with my weight loss, which will be around September, I will get this as tattoo. You won't notice it as a band tattoo at the first glance. Even more though if you aren't familiar with BIGBANG. For me it has a lot of meanings.

The weather is so beautiful today. It's almost 20°C outside!! Spring is finally here. I'm going to run in the afternoon. The first time after almost half a year. Shame on me.

Had a bubble tea at BOBOQ as well today. Green tea with mango flavour (I asked them to add only half of the mango syrup to it) and tapioka. So refreshing!

I'll try to post more frequently from now on.. /sigh