16. März 2012

It's been a while...

I haven't been writing a new entry for such a long time. I was barely existing... Yeah.. but now I'm fine again I guess. Thanks to that one special band that just dropped into my life.......

Yes. BIGBANG is what I'm talking about. I guess I'm too old to be in love with a boy band.. but they are special. Thanks to them I was even able to start my weight loss again. Don't ask why though. Hm.. so I went to customs today to pick my package(s) up. One was from Kpopmart (BIGBANG's Alive [T.O.P version], which has the most insane packaging I've ever seen!! B.A.P's Warrior and the BIGBANG bandana). The other one was the present CD from Kohaku (jap. indies band). Yes a gift at customs. Well done. They put a origami crane into the package as well! So cute! You can see it on the picture as well.)

Once I'm finished with my weight loss, which will be around September, I will get this as tattoo. You won't notice it as a band tattoo at the first glance. Even more though if you aren't familiar with BIGBANG. For me it has a lot of meanings.

The weather is so beautiful today. It's almost 20°C outside!! Spring is finally here. I'm going to run in the afternoon. The first time after almost half a year. Shame on me.

Had a bubble tea at BOBOQ as well today. Green tea with mango flavour (I asked them to add only half of the mango syrup to it) and tapioka. So refreshing!

I'll try to post more frequently from now on.. /sigh

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