1. Januar 2012

New Year's Eve

I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve and an awesome first day in 2012!!

New Year's resolutions!!

Don't spend money for unnecessary things!
Start doing sports again!
Get to know people!
Don't cry about that certain thing again!
Don't cheat on weight loss!
Go to church at least once a month! (Find time to go to a Taizé prayer at Aachen!)
Think positive! Negative thoughts are not allowed!
Write the fortune diary every day!

New Year's Eve with my parents

It was such a fun night. It was the first time since seven years that I spent New Year's Eve with my parents. I'm thankful for them.

The way I decorated the table. The plates don't really fit. But I don't have other ones. The lucky clover was a present from one of my co-workers.

This was another present. Handmade filled chocolates from the town I worked at. They are super delish! Filled with dark chocolate.

Our raclette ingredients. I don't know why the chanterelles are missing on the picture though. Desert was my mum's famous Cappuccino Cream.

My mother suddenly had the idea to braid my hair. It came out so great. I left them like this today as well. I don't want to release them again. (;_;) Sorry for my fat side view...

We almost overslept the turn of the year, because we were all so filled up with food and my mum and me went sleeping on my bed for a bit, while my dad was lying on the floor. 2 minutes before 0:00 my mum woke up in shock because they were already lighting the first fireworks outside and she was thinking we overslept... So we prepared the champagne in a hurry..

The fireworks were gorgeous. We just stayed inside and watched them out of my wintergarden.


Around ten I took the train to Düsseldorf to have breakfast with my parents at their hotel.
I've never eaten such a good breakfast before. You can have a look at it here. They had everything. Even for vegetarians.

After coming home I took it slow. I slept for two hours. And when I was waking up it was already dawning. For a short moment I thought I overlsept the whole night.

Then I had tea and honey wafers while finishing to read the second book of Amber Kizer's Meridian. I loved it, it was even better than the first one.

Bookmark I got for myself and good-luck pig I got from my parents. I love cute pigs. ♥

Later I'm going to fill the first page of my fortune dairy. It asks you to name three things that made you happy each day. I think it is going to help me realize that I actually have a great life.

To prepare for tomorrow I'm already drinking tea to get rid of the water retentions I have since Christmas, because of all the bad food. Starting from tomorrow I'm going to be back at my journey of weight loss, which will end this year. With success. Most probably I will write about weight loss things here now as well, since I closed my weight loss tumblr. It always helped me last year. But now I feel different about all this. I hope you are okay with me writing about this here.

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