13. April 2012

Best week of my life!

Now let me tell you about the best week in my life. My cousin stayed at my place... and we had so much fun! The highlight of the week was the soccer game of our beloved 1. FC Kaiserslautern!! Although we lost the atmosphere in the 'Gästeblock' was just amazing!


On our way home from Düsseldorf on the very first day. I don't know why I like this picture so much!

This was in Cologne on Tuesday. I really liked the caption!!

This was delish...

Before the soccer game in Leverkusen! The Bayarena is pretty cool. And we had an awesome 'seat'.

I love this picture so much! I think it shows the amount of fun we had all week long and especially on that day. ♥



Wer wird deutscher Meister, wenn man die Tabelle dreht?
Wer wird deutscher Meister?
Nur der FCK!

This was at the Café 'Alte Bastion' in Düsseldorf. Had an awesome Apfelstrudel there.

 Today we went to the Netherlands. At first we strolled through the Designer Outlet in Roermond, then we went to take a look at the church and the inner city. It's a really cute town.

I'm going to make another entry about my gets of the week tomorrow. :)

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